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Als oogkliniek gebaseerd op de Louisalaan in hartje van Brussel zijn we gedreven om de lat van oogbehandelingen hoog te houden. Ons verfijnd team van oogspecialisten mikt op perfectie, gebruik makende van de nieuwste technologieën in refractieve chirurgie.


Maak kennis met onze specialisten bij Brussels Vision Specialists

Dr. Al-Sabai Nashwan is the main surgeon for laser and refractive surgery at the university hospital Antwerp since 2012. In addition to a clinical activity mainly oriented towards refractive, cataract and cornea surgery, he performs an activity of clinical and theoretical research focusing specifically on optical and topographic properties of the cornea and effect of laser and implants corrections in refractive surgery.

He participates actively in training of young surgeons and organizes different interactive courses in the annual ophthalmology meeting in Belgium and in north of Africa.

Dr. Al-Sabai N. became in the last years one of the references in corneal topography and treatment of complicated cases after corneal or refractive surgery.

Dr. Al-Sabai N. is a member of the European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS), and also member of the Belgian Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery (BSCRS). He participates yearly in the meeting of the European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Place of exercise:
– University Hospital Antwerp, Wilrijkstraat 10, 2650 Edegem, Belgium. 03 821 30 00
– Brussels vision specialists, avenue Louise 199, 1050 Bruxelles, 02 648 12 01
– Delta Chirec, boulevard du triomphe 201, 1160 Ixelles. 02 434 51 11

Email addresses / website:

– Diploma of Doctor of Medicine (MD) Vrij universiteit Brussel.
– Diploma European board of Ophthalmology (FEBO) Paris.

Publications and oral communications :

2006 -2007     Causes and Complications of Corneal transplantation in Ophthalmology Department of UZ Brussels in the period from February2004 to March 2007         

2008- Poster: Case report of a patient with an acute idiopathic blind spot enlargement (AIBSE) (presented in OB 2008)

2008- Poster (Case report) Echo graphic and OCT – findings of Melanocytoma of the left optic nerve head (presented in OB 2008)

2008-2009 Participating in a multi-center study of comparison between Lucentis and Grid laser in diabetes macular edema.

2009- Poster: (Case report) Of an orbital sub-periosteal hemorrhage caused by mask squeeze during a scuba dive. (Presented in OB 2009).

2009- Article: (Case report) Cross-linking in infectious ulcerative keratitis. Al-sabai N. Koppen C. Tassignon J.M. Bull. Soc. belge Ophtalmol. 315, 13-17.

2010- Presentation OB 2010 Crosslinking in infectious ulcerative keratitis.

2011- Presentation ESCRS Feb. 2011 Crosslinking in corneal melting.

2012-Bursary for 16th ESCRS Winter Meeting in Prague‏

2012- Participating in a multi-center 3rd stage study for intraocular anesthesia (Thea)

2012- Trainer and speaker in BSCRS 2012 Wetlab Scleral Lens.

2012 Poster: Case report: Involvement of eyelid and orbit in a hypereosinophilic myeloproliferative syndrome (Presented in OB 2012).

2012- Letter to the editor, Acta ophthalmologica, UVA/riboflavin Crosslinking as an alternative treatment for therapeutic keratoplasty in corneal melting. (Accepted with minor revision).

2012 Article: UVA/riboflavin Crosslinking as an alternative treatment for therapeutic keratoplasty in corneal melting. Accepted in international Journal of keratoconus and ecstatic diseases and will be published soon.

2012- electronic poster ESCRS Milano. Corneal side effects associated with Isotretinoin usage

2014- Article in the Eurotimes:

2014- Case report: Cacicol eye drops for the treatment of non-healing corneal epithelial defects after refractive laser ablation as an adjunct or alternative to autologous serum drops.

2014- presentation AMICO: Multifocal IOL

2014- organizing an interactive course in OB 2014: topography made easy

2015- presentation OB 2015 anterior segment OCT

2015- presentation university hospital Antwerpen for the ophthalmologists: refractive surgery

2015- organizing an interactive course in OB 2015: topography made easy

2016- lecture in the university hospital of Antwerpen: Introduction to refractive surgery

2016- presentation BSCRS/AMICO winter meeting 2016: Basics of topography

2016- organizing an interactive course in OB 2016: topography made easy

2016- lecture in the Ministry of transport for military doctors: Introduction to refractive surgery

2017- organizing an interactive course in OB 2016: topography made easy

2017- organizing an interactive course in OB 2016: everything you need to know about IOL calculations

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An amazing experience here - very professional & friendly, everything perfect and organized. from the first moment i stepped in I could feel that I am in good hands. I can already see so much better a day ofter the operation. Very very grateful! THANK YOU!!

Katya R.

Dankjewel! Ik voelde mij op elk moment bij jullie in goede handen. Superblij om zonder bril/lenzen door het leven te kunnen gaan vanaf nu :). Superlief en professioneel team!

Yannick T.

Je me regrette absolument pas, meilleurs decision! Merci au Medelin et à bon equipe pour leur travail. Je suis tres satisfaite du résultats. Si vous hésitez encore.. Ca fait pas mal! 🙂

Rachida Z.

Merci à toute l’équipe pour le gentillesse et pour le traitement efficace! Ne pas porter des lunettes change une vie! Bonne continuation!

Kendal M.

Dank u voor de goede zorgen aan het hele team .. Geen spijt dat ik deze cataract operatie heb laten doen!

Maggi L.

Bedankt voor de geslaagde lasering. Nu zie ik het leven alweer door een roze bril.


Aan het ganse team,Mercikes voor alles, ik ben super content en zou het aan iedereen aanraden.


I am really happy with the treatment and patient care.

Andy M.

Merci pour l’accueil, et aussie de la patience et un docteur très calme et très compétant.


Incroyable sensation de ne plus avoir besoin de lunettes. Un grand merci à toute l’équipe de la clinique. Gentille et professionnel. A conseiller!!

J. Chapron

Merci Dr. Al Sabai!

Tom K.

Thank you for everything! Hands on the best and professional team in Belgium.


Na tien jaar operatie cataract nog steeds tevreden zonder bril.


Super! Je peux lire ce livre sans lentille ni lunettes… 🙂 merci à tous!


Aucun regret! Je peux à présent vour parfaitement bien et je pense que ca va me changer la vie! Merci à toute l’équipe!

Van Eferen