If you want to know the costs a laser eye surgery entails,
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Unilateral Bilateral
Premium PRK / LASEK €1000 €2000
Premium Femto-LASIK €1750 €3250
A CAT / T CAT +€250 / oog
PRESBY Femto-LASIK +€250 / oog
SMILE €2250  €4250


Monofocal Monofocal toric Multifocal Multifocal toric
EXTRACTION DE LENTILLE CLAIRE €1450 €1550 €2350 €2600


Tuning included, if necessary, to correct residual ametropia.

Preoperative screening for LASER / OPERATION Free
Focus preoperative item €145
Postoperative control J1 and after 6 weeks Included


Insurance and reimbursement :

For each patient, Brussels Vision Specialists’ team will define a personalized cost estimate of any procedure. Don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company concerning reimbursement for any medical procedures.

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