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Brussels Vision Specialists is an eye clinic in the heart of Brussels specialized in laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and lens implantation.

Established in the centre of Brussels, our eye clinic located on Avenue Louise, features a team of highly-qualified eye specialists that strives to deliver perfect results with the help of the latest technologies in the field of refractive surgery while ensuring a high level of excellence for all treatments offered.

A typical session of laser eye surgery is perfectly safe and only lasts between 15-20 minutes.

Laser eye treatments involve the use of extremely precise lasers to reshape the cornea.  This procedure aims to change the way light enters the eye to restore vision.

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Here, at Brussels Vision Specialists, each laser treatment is personalised. Corrections are possible for people suffering of severe myopia (up to -12D), severe hyperopia (+6D), severe astigmatism (+-5D) as well as for people aged 42 and plus suffering from presbyopia.


Eye clinic Brussels

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Customised implantable lenses

Customized lens implants allow patients to live without glasses or contact lenses but also to correct myopia (near-sightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness).

For higher-order aberrations, (myopia up to -23.00D, hyperopia up to +15.00D and up to 7.50D cylinder),implantable lenses can provide a viable solution. Each lens is custom-made to meet our patient’s requirements.

Our team of eye surgeons is always available to address any concern or question you may have.

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Refractive anomalies

Discover our range of treatments to correct any eye disorders

Read on for more in-depth information on all treatments available at our eye clinic in Brussels and how they are performed.

In case you have more questions, our team of eye specialists will be happy to help you and advise you.

What customers say about Brussels Vision Specialists

An amazing experience here - very professional & friendly, everything perfect and organized. from the first moment i stepped in I could feel that I am in good hands. I can already see so much better a day ofter the operation. Very very grateful! THANK YOU!!

Katya R.

Dankjewel! Ik voelde mij op elk moment bij jullie in goede handen. Superblij om zonder bril/lenzen door het leven te kunnen gaan vanaf nu :). Superlief en professioneel team!

Yannick T.

Je me regrette absolument pas, meilleurs decision! Merci au Medelin et à bon equipe pour leur travail. Je suis tres satisfaite du résultats. Si vous hésitez encore.. Ca fait pas mal! 🙂

Rachida Z.

Merci à toute l’équipe pour le gentillesse et pour le traitement efficace! Ne pas porter des lunettes change une vie! Bonne continuation!

Kendal M.

Dank u voor de goede zorgen aan het hele team .. Geen spijt dat ik deze cataract operatie heb laten doen!

Maggi L.

Bedankt voor de geslaagde lasering. Nu zie ik het leven alweer door een roze bril.


Aan het ganse team,
Mercikes voor alles, ik ben super content en zou het aan iedereen aanraden.


I am really happy with the treatment and patient care.

Andy M.

Merci pour l’accueil, et aussie de la patience et un docteur très calme et très compétant.


Incroyable sensation de ne plus avoir besoin de lunettes. Un grand merci à toute l’équipe de la clinique. Gentille et professionnel. A conseiller!!

J. Chapron

Merci Dr. Al Sabai!

Tom K.

Thank you for everything! Hands on the best and professional team in Belgium.


Na tien jaar operatie cataract nog steeds tevreden zonder bril.


Super! Je peux lire ce livre sans lentille ni lunettes… 🙂 merci à tous!


Aucun regret! Je peux à présent vour parfaitement bien et je pense que ca va me changer la vie! Merci à toute l’équipe!

Van Eferen